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Australian Pacific Ukuni Blend

Australian Pacific Ukuni Blend

SKU: 003
250 Grams

This unique blend features coffee beans sourced from three different regions – Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia – to create a smooth and flavourful cup of coffee that will satisfy even the most discerning coffee lover.


Our Lone Crow Ukuni Pacific Blend is a medium-bodied coffee that is roasted in Byron Bay to perfection, bringing out the unique flavours of each bean. The Australian beans add a rich, chocolate and nutty taste. The Papua New Guinea Arabica beans provide a sweet and fruity flavour, and the Indonesian beans bring a spicy undertone, creating a complex and satisfying cup of coffee.


What this Bean Means.

Our Pacific Blend comes from the Ukuni Women's Association in Papua New Guinea. The association was formed as a lifeline to empower and support women within the community. Coffee is their main source of income!


LONE CROW COFFEE WILL BE DONATING a percentage of all sales

back to the Ukuni Women's Association as further support.


The Ukuni women grow their arabica coffee beans naturally, free from chemicals and pesticides, at higher than 1600m above sea level.


They pick the beans by hand, and dry them in a coffee house located inside the village. These farming methods – combined with the Western Highland’s ideal temperatures and rich volcanic soils - create some of the world’s best conditions for growing coffee.


Together with Zentfelds, one of our specialty roasters, we take pride in sourcing only the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. Our partner farmers use sustainable and ethical farming practices, ensuring that the coffee beans are grown in a way that protects the natural environment and the communities who cultivate them.


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