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Australian Indigenously-owned and operated.

Driven by Cause, Community focused

and Connected through Coffee.

Provider of the world’s finest hand-selected, specialty-grade coffee beans.

Whether a solo or shared moment, we invite you to join in the experience of Lone Crow Coffee.

Explore Our Range

OUR Coffee

Lone Crow Coffee is a premium selection of single-origin and blended specialty-grade coffee beans. Our roaster in Sydney, Australia focuses on creating beans as beautiful as the land they come from and as special as the people that grow them, delivering a rich, smooth-tasting experience in every cup.

Image by Battlecreek Coffee Roasters

Bespoke Blends, Single O & Australian Grown

Ask us about bespoke blends created specifically for individual tastes, as well as single-origin and Indigenous coffee beans.

profit for purpose

At the heart of "Profit for Purpose" lies the belief that a business can be a force for positive change. By integrating social and environmental goals into the core of who we are, we choose to mark our success beyond financial metrics.

At Lone Crow Coffee, we believe the concept of Profit for Purpose beckons forward-thinking enterprises to forge powerful partnerships. By aligning values, we can amplify our impact on community and country, inspire cause for positive change, and help lead industries toward a new standard of purposeful collaboration within the coffee industry.

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Free Barista Training

We offer Free Barista training and certification for Indigenous youth, as well as assist with employment opportunities through our placement partners.


OUR Artist

Our Indigenous Artwork is by proud Wiradjuri woman Letitia Smith,

cousin of our Founder Reimis Smith. 

Her paintings of bagaraygan-maarung's (gathering circles) are inspired be the people and colours of the Wiradjuri lands, and tells the story of Community coming together to connect and share music, song, dance and stories on the Red Soils where Ancestors once walked. 

Trusted for our Coffee by

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Lone Crow Coffee is now a proud member of the Indigenous Job Fair Advisory Committee, facilitated by the Sydney East Metro Department of Employment and Workplace Relations 

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