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Beans and Machines

No matter how small or how large, we can supply coffee beans and coffee machines for any coffee need, from personal consumption to Corporate offices, mines to entertainment venues, events and local café’s. Lone Crow Coffee is founded on a strong value system and built on a global network of relationships and resources nurtured over two decades.


We have the capacity to roast small and large batches and distribute them nationwide.


We can provide FREE commercial coffee machines with most commercial coffee purchases.

No lock-in contracts. Enquire below.

Our Machines


F11 Espresso

The F11 Espresso is a fully automatic ‘bean to cup’ espresso machine. It's 7″ touch screen display provides a simplicity and efficiency, with a one touch operation for all drinks. Additionally it has an automatic fresh milk steamer, and is programmable for up to 16 speciality coffee selections.



Mini Barista

The Mini Barista is for commercial use for professional customers. The Mini Barista combines high efficiency, long life cycle and the powerful productivity of the F2 Series. Choose from customizing drinks with different flavours and making milk foam with the manual steam wand



WMF 1100s

The 1100S features a steam arm and hot water outlet to allow the user the function of barista mode and the enjoyment of tea as well.

The 1100S keeps it simple with an intuitive touch 7” display that features customisable images, backgrounds and quick and easy guidance through the various menus.



Wega Polaris Tron II Group

The stylishly designed, Wega Polaris Tron is a commercial coffee machine that will make the perfect addition to any business looking to impress their customers or clients. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is also extremely user friendly allowing you to make quality coffee in a flash. The automatic water top up feature keeps the machine ready at all times


We offer a huge additional range of traditional and automated barista machines available on request

If you could not find the machine you are looking for, enquire below:

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